Up to 80% of your paid traffic can come from bots. Protect your digital advertising investment with Orbee.

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Advanced Bot Detection Platform

Bots are always finding new ways to go undetected. Orbee uses a real time, self-learning database to protect up to the minute detection for your website.


Orbee breaks down bot traffic that come to your site down to the source and the referring URL, giving you the a deeper level of detail than Google Analytics.


Bots are checked for IP, device fingerprint, host reputation, automated traffic and crawler to detect all types of bots that come to your website.

You don’t have to even lift a finger (literally).

Automatic alerts

We know you’re busy and that’s why we’ve created the bot detection platform to come to your email. Set up alerts and auto-send to make sure that you’re in the know for any suspicious bot traffic.

Detailed reports

Once there is enough suspicious activities, a detailed report for the specific source will be generate automatically and be ready to send by email or download from our platform.

On average, we identify $2,400 of wasted ad spend or 32% of their total

Orbee detects potential ad spend waste in four ways:

Out of Market Customers

Why show your ad to customers who are too far away to come to your dealership? We identify ads that were served to customers who will never make the trip to your dealership.

Not looking to buy cars

You should only serve ads to customers who are looking to buy or service your cars from your dealership. Don’t pay for ads to customers looking for a Sonic Burger not a Chevy Sonic.

Ineffective keywords

Not all keywords are created equal! Why keep paying for keywords that have a 0% conversion rate and 100% bounce rate? Orbee monitors for these ineffective keywords.

Misrouted customers

Even if you set up your campaign right, if you are sending customers looking for a Camry lease deal to a used car VDP, you’ll significantly lower your ROI on your paid search spend.

"I don’t have time for this…." ?

You really should but we make it almost as painless for you as possible.

Once you’re setup, we’ll on-board your PPC agency to make sure that they are incorporating our recommendations to optimize your PPC campaign. We’re not looking to replace your PPC agency. We just want to help and it’s working. Many of the PPC agency partners that we work with attest to our dealer partners having one of the best performing PPC campaigns!

Conversion Tracking Platform

Stop taking guesses on your digital adverstising strategy and bring actual data to your decision making process.


See which source/medium helped bring the visitors that led to a conversion on your site. Track not only your website lead forms but also your third party lead conversion tools.


Breakdown conversions by source, call to action pressed, landing page, conversion page and geography for an in-depth understanding of your digital strategy.


What happens after I sign up?

With the information you provide us at sign up, we'll contact your website vendor on your behalf to ask them to insert an embed code in your website. This process can take between 1 day to 4 weeks depending on how responsive the website vendor is. Not to worry we've worked with most major website vendors in the industry and we know exactly what to do. Also, we'll make sure to copy you in all communication with the website vendor

Is there a contract?

Nope. We would be sad to see you go but just let us know 30 days in advance and we'll make sure to stop billing your account. You can also cancel anytime until Orbee's code is embedded in your website.

When do I start paying?

You don't pay until the code is live on your site and start collecting data

When do I start getting reports?

We would love to give you some great analytics right away but it takes time to collect enough data for it to be meaningful. We'll send you your first report along with a phone call from the 1st month anniversary of you signing up and will be sending you monthly reports from there at the end of each month.

Other questions?

Call us at 949 287 3402 or email us at We would love to chat with you!

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